Womb for Rent (Amanda Brian) – Chapter Ten

Derek sits at home and is depressed. Maimie tries to shake him out of it. And is successful. She even gets him to admit that he’s in love with Talli. He jumps up to go look for her right away. This time, Maimie has to hold him back though. There’s a charity auction that night where Derek promised to participate. [The life of this guy is pure charity. It’s amazing. I think he attends more charity events than Mother Theresa used to…] Grumbling a little, Derek gets going. And now it’s Maimie’s turn to make a mysterious phone call.

Less than an hour later, Maimie turned from the front door and walked back into the kitchen. Reaching for the phone, she dialed a number, and put the receiver to her ear. [So, that’s how you make a phone call. I was already wondering.]
“He’s on his way. Good, I’ll see you then.” Hanging up the phone, she began to hum a soft lullaby. [Can you guess who she’s talking to?]

Derek stood resplendent in a black tuxedo with a black cummerbund and tie, devilishly handsome and yet all he felt was gloom. Surrounded by beautiful women eager to bid on him and all he wanted was to get out of there and find Talli.

So, it’s that kind of auction. I wonder why he didn’t make one to get his surrogate mother. That could have been interesting.
Well, the bachelours on the stage [btw. the mayor is on there as well and he is no bachelour, we already met his wife] raise between 500$ and 650$. Then it’s Derek’s turn. Everything starts normally, but then:

“Three hundred. The bid stands at three hundred dollars. Do I hear four?” Terry Gibson [the auctioneer] worked the crowd, his eyes searching for a raised hand.
“I bid one hundred thousand dollars.” The dulcet tones filled the air, penetrating Derek’s senses.
[Wow… amazing what tones are able to do. I didn’t know.] He squinted his eyes against the glare of the floodlights and strained to see to the back of the room. A round of hushed whispers filtered through the ballroom, as a young woman slowly walked forward. [Can you guess who it is?]
“Excuse me ma’am, did I hear you correctly? You bid one hundred thousand dollars?”
“That’s right.” Talli moved into the room gracefully, her black evening gown caressing her skin as she walked forward.
[I want to have a dress that caresses me, too! I always depend on people for caress, so a dress like that would be nice.] Rich auburn tresses cascaded down her shoulders to swing softly against her bare back. [Her tresses would have to be rich to pay a hundred thousand for Derek, seeing as she only got fifty out of their deal.]
Derek’s eyes widened at the sight of Talli, looking every inch the woman she was. [That’s not true. There was one inch on her ankle that looked like Angelina Jolie.] His expressionless face broke into a tender smile.

Talli climbs on stage and Derek says he agrees to the bid, under one condition: She has to marry him. Talli plays hard to get (oh please…) and asks him a lot of things like will there be any benefits? Is he ok with lots of children? And finally: when does he want the marriage to take place?

“Within an hour. I don’t think I can bear to be without you much longer.” He reached a hand inside his tuxedo pocket and withdrew a small velvet box. [Wheneever did he get that? He just admitted two hours ago that he loved her and then went to the auction right away…
“Well, Ms. Paxton, my condition stands. I’ll accept your bid of one hundred thousand dollars in return for your hand in marriage.”
“I’ve never had anyone ask for my hand in marriage before.” Talli mused to the devilishly handsome gentleman in front of her.
[mused to devilishly handsome gentleman… This probably is worse than the sentence with Maimie’s ample bosom]
“Well then, let me give you a little more encouragement.” Derek opened the box and turned it toward Talli. [Because the ring is always the deciding factor. The one thing you can buy a woman’s heart with… or maybe it’s The One Ring and he just makes her decide.]
She let out a loud gasp and looked up at him. “It’s beautiful.” She lightly ran her finger over the marquis cut three carat diamond ring that lay nestled in the velvet.

If you don’t know, as me, how a marquis cut looks like:

Marquis Cut Diamond

Finally, Talli says yes. To my infinite surprise, nobody applauds, although about a hundred women just witnessed this (probably some men, too, but they are not mentioned).

We cut to the wedding. Talli and Derek decide not to take a honeymoon to spend the time with Tyler.

Their three witnesses nodded, satisfied with the results of the evening.
“You see Edgar, I knew they were meant to be together.”
The Mayor of the city of Detroit shook his head in defeat at the woman beside him. He turned to the gentleman 
[aren’t there any men left in this town? Everybody is a gentleman…] on his other side and sighed. “They’re never happy unless they’re matchmaking, are they?”
Anthony Baretti chuckled. “Mr. Mayor, this time I happen to agree with your wife.”
Throwing his hands up in despair, the Mayor shrugged. “Not you too, Anthony.”
Anthony tried to look ashamed and failed miserably. “I guess I’m a sucker for happy endings too.”


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