Womb for Rent (Amanda Brian) – Chapter Four

Chapter four starts with a lengthy description of Derek’s office (mahogany, green leather and disco light style paper weights), where he, Talli and Anthony came together to sign the contract.

Derek is on the phone but his ebony gaze is on Talli. Again the ebony. And again my question: Can gazes have colours?

While they go through the contract once again, Talli’s thoughts drift away (which is always a good idea: not paying attention while a decision is talked through that concerns you a lot).

When she had first proposed her plan to Anthony, she was full of hopes and desires for the future.  The money Derek offered was more than enough to get her own business off the ground.  She would finally be able to give herself the stability and pride of knowing that she had reached her life-long dream. [What dream? Why doesn’t she just tell us what she wants to do with the money? Is it a secret? Did I miss something?] But now, she wasn’t so sure.  Physically, she was ready and willing to carry this baby, but emotionally, suddenly a million doubts started to filter through her mind. [Now you’re getting the doubts? Honey, usually one thinks before one makes the decision…]

They sign the papers. Derek, in what I can only explain in a sudden rush of rationality, wants to spend some time with the woman who will have his child, so he invites her to accompany him to the Detroit Zoological Society Auction. [Will they sell the society?] Talli agrees to it and when Derek asks where he should pick her up, she gives him his own address (she lives there as well) and slowly removed the glasses from her face.  She reached up to pull the large hat off her head and set it carefully on the conference table.  Her fingers plucked the pins from her hair to allow the long auburn curls to flow freely across her shoulders.

Derek is shocked and demands an explanation from either Talli or Anthony. Talli tells him thatit’s not my fault you didn’t recognize me.”  And Derek, the hard business man he is, actually caves in to arguments like this one and says that, “I will honor the agreement, only because I can’t and won’t allow a mockery to be made of this situation!”
Oups, sorry. Too late, I guess.

Well, Talli leaves, triumphantly and Derek fires Anthony, who has the reaction everybody would have who just got fired by their friend:

A broad smile crossed Anthony’s face as he watched Derek’s reaction.  Talli stood toe to toe against Derek Cameron and came out on top.  Things were going a lot better than Anthony had hoped for!

When Derek comes home, he’s upset. He slams doors and shouts at Maimie who is perfectly satisfied and gets an idea to calm the whole situation.
Again I feel like in a bad soap opera when the characters have dialogues like this:
A: The situation is hopeless.
B: I know what we’re going to do save it. We will *whisperwhisperwhisper* and then you *whisperwhisperwhisper*.
Black screen.

That’s not necessary, I swear. People usually get that the characters have ideas, when they put them into action. You don’t have to say “and that’s the idea!”, really.

Derek sits in his office and thinks about everything.

Was he such an ogre that she couldn’t have come right out and told him she planned on defying him and applying?
She told him that she wanted the job and he said no. So she had to pull something off, didn’t she? And to tell him, “look, I plan on dressing up, so you don’t recognise me and give me the job” would have kind of ruined the purpose of the whole thing.

When she had first pulled off the hat and glasses in his office, he was astounded.  He wanted to wring her neck–better yet snap it between his hands for defying his wishes. [What a strategy for handling things that don’t go his way. “You don’t do as I say, I’ll fucking kill you and probably your family as well, for good measure.” And that from a guy who had a rather difficult childhood and certainly didn’t get everything he wanted…]Derek imagined himself holding her lily white throat loosely in his grasp, feeling her pulse dance wildly beneath his thumbs.  His fingers lingering at her chin, then slowly moving downward as he trailed hot wet kisses across her skin.  God, where had that thought come from, he wondered?  His mind was definitely on a depraved downward spiral.  [Because thinking about sex is really depraved. Very depraved… *sigh* Though I have to say, when the thought of killing someone turns into sex, it does get a little awkward.] The front legs of the chair thumped down loudly as he mentally shook his head and tried to collect his thoughts.He mentally shakes his head? Why not really do it? How does one shake his head mentally? Do you need telekinesis for that to work?

Maimie barges in and pulls off the oldest trick in the world (even older than the “posing as someone else” trick):

“(…)But if you’re afraid, then…”  Maimie let her voice trail off.
Derek turned, listening to the catch in her voice.  “Afraid of what?”
“Oh, nothing, never mind me.”  Maimie tried to wave him off with a flick of her hand.
“No, tell me.  I’d like to know.”
“Well, I really don’t know what’s so terrible about the situation anyway.  Miss Talli is a fine, upstanding young woman.  She’s never caused you an ounce of trouble and she’s taken wonderful care of those beasts you call pets.  You already share a house with her, what would be wrong with sharing her bed for one night?”

Of course, when you dare someone, they will never let you down and do exactly what you want them to do.

beartato - dare
taken from Nedroid

Anyway, Derek thinks about what Maimie said and brings up his last argument – Talli is 10 years younger than he is.
Wait a minute! If Talli’s ten years younger, how come they ever went to High School together? I can only hope that we’re talking estimates here and she actually is only five years younger. (Which still would be too much in my opinion for the High School story, but it would at least work.)

Well, Derek finally gives in and agrees to go to the Zoo with Talli.

End Chapter Four.



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