Womb for Rent (Amanda Brian) – Chapter Five

Talli dresses up for the Zoo Auction and is shocked at how revealing her dress is [You can see a leg *gasp*! It has a neckline (no, not even a plunging one, more a toe-dipping one) *gasp*!].

Derek in the meantime is waiting downstairs for her to appear, still angry with Talli. But when she does come down the stairs, everything else is forgotten.

From his vantage point, he could see legs.  Long, lithe, luscious legs [alliteration overkill] starting at her ankles and moving upward to disappear under the slit of her gown. 

I sure hope that her legs start at her ankle and not, say, at her knees or at her elbow. That would be really weird.

Anyway, Derek is shocked into silence by Talli’s looks. They get into the limo together and Derek thinks again about Talli’s underwear, scolding himself right away (I’m a bit reminded about hardcore catholics who chastise themselves).

Derek looked up, unaware [That has to be a typo, or else it wouldn’t make much sense.] he had been caught gawking.  He flashed her an apologetic look.  “Sorry.”
“No, you’re not,” she retorted.
“You’re right, I’m not,” he grinned.  “I’m not sorry in the least.”
Talli laughed, a rich melodious sound that filled the interior of the limousine.

Why does laughter always have to be rich? What is a rich laughter anyway?

They start talking about the event they’re going to. Talli, who was surprised that people can be fashionably late, has obviously never heard about a charity auction either, because she asks Derek what the evening’s going to be like. Derek is of course impressed by the intensity of her questions.

Before they arrive, Derek asks her to call him Derek instead of Mr. Cameron.

The zoo shows off some of the animals. Talli goes from one to the next, stroking and cuddling.

Talli watched enthralled as an attendant with an enormous anaconda approached their group.  The other ladies shrank back and shook their heads at the offer to touch the snake.  Talli moved forward, reaching out a hand.  The skin felt smooth and warm beneath her fingertips, pulsating with life.  She stroked the snake’s length, caressing its scales.
Derek watched in amazement as Talli reached out, totally unafraid.  The other women in the group had shied away at the first sign of the reptile.  But not Talli.  Derek saw her fingers move languorously over the snake.  He swallowed hard at the thought of those hands wrapping themselves around him.

Oh my. I’m afraid that counts as sexual innuendo. That’s rather depressing.

Talli turned soft doe eyes on Derek (…).
Wait, she does what? Her own eyes are green, as we have been reminded for a hundred times. So, they can’t be really doe-like now, can they? So she must have either a doe in her hands whose head she turns around or she has the doe eyes themselves in her bag or something which she takes out when necessary. Either way, not good.

We meet Chester, a year old wallaby and Derek bids for some North American Snowy Owls. Then it’s time to go home. Before they actually leave, they are joined by the Mayor and his wife who obviously like Talli. Derek, again, doesn’t know what to say. [Is it really so unbelieveable that people like her?]

They get into the limo and the following dialogue ensues, after Derek lets his finger slide across Talli’s leg:

“Mr….I mean Derek, have you given any thought to when you would like to try to…I mean for us to…oh heck, when  do  you   want  to  start  working  on  having  a baby?”  Talli stammered, her words sounding more confused by the minute.
Derek saw her fingers flutter as she nervously twisted them together [Fluttering and twisting them at the same time?].  He leaned across the seat to take her hand in his.  “How about tonight?”
Talli gulped. “Tonight?” 
“Tonight,” he affirmed, surprising even himself with his answer.

This is actually kind of still a business deal. But there’s no “We’ll get you to gynacologist and see about your cycle and then we organise a meeting.” Well, at least the pretenses start falling. I guess I should by grateful.

Derek calls Joseph (who is driving the limo), though I can’t tell you what about – maybe it’s just to tell him “CA-TCHING!”, maybe it’s to tell him “drop us off at the love lounge”. Whatever it is, we will never know, because chapter five ends here.



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