In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Five

In the last chapter we left Maura/Reenie ready to stab anyone who comes through the door. Chapter five starts with Matt coming home from a hard day’s work (and he’s been working like a dog). He thinks about the boat he’s working on and then about Gus (the sheriff), who promised to come by to help him.

The thought of Gus brought rushing back the questions he’d resolutely pushed out of his mind all day. Who was suddenly dead? [How the hell should I know?] In the throes of her nightmare, Reenie had been frantic about the discovery that some man was dead. He’d heard panic in her voice, real fear for her own safety. Her story about the death of her dog showed quick thinking but it didn’t wash. Had she killed a man?  [Because that would explain the fear for her own safety. Dead men usually come to haunt and kill you. By the way, I think it’s amazing how much he can read her! I’m rather easy to read myself, but I don’t think that a complete stranger would know the difference between me being panicky because I have a nightmare and me being panicky because I’m in real danger.]

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Four

Maura/Reenie is woken the next day by a radio, which tells her about her disappearance and that foul play is suspected. She wonders about what kind of foul play: that she had been killed? that she had killed Danny? Unfortunately she didn’t hear the whole broadcast but she concludes that her Gran informed the police after Maura/Reenie didn’t come home that night.

All Gran’s hopes were riding on Jon. [yes, we know by now, thank you.] She was steering his political career the way she’d hoped to guide her son’s and then her granddaughter’s. Maura took a deep, shuddering breath. Gran was doomed to disappointment again because if it was the last thing she did, she was going to see that Jon never got to hold public office. [High aspirations… She’s not trying to get him into jail, she doesn’t want justice to be served, she doesn’t want to cut of his balls for sleeping around. She just wants Jon not to have a political career.]

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Three

Jon Casen is at Gran Gladys Fitzpatrick’s place. Gran has called the police which understandably upsets Jon as he just killed a guy.

He’d like to throttle the headstrong old girl for calling the cops last night. He thought she’d bought the story that Maura was just having a jealous tantrum. Of course, he’d been so damned tired he hadn’t read Glad as well as he usually did.

Jon thinks about the night before and how they took care of the situation (Wilson disposed of the body, they went looking for Maura, didn’t find her, Jon hurried back to his apartment at Gran’s and pretended to have been sleeping all along).

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter Two

Matt and Maura/Reenie arrive at “Hanson’s Marina”, Matt’s living & working place.

Maura shivered. She hated this vulnerable feeling. She’d always enjoyed solitude and prided herself on being able to look after herself. Being hunted changed that. [Because once you rely on somebody else, you will never be able to take care of yourself again.] She made herself concentrate on the sure, economical movements of Matt’s hands as he wheeled the Jeep through the wide gates. [Don’t you usually drive with sure, economical movements? At least, if you know how to drive. If you don’t drive like that, you really shouldn’t drive at all.]
For at least a few hours, her survival was in those long blunt-fingered hands. [Is blunt-fingered supposed to be good? (Because everything else about him obviously is.) Or is it really a flaw he has? Usually, the main characters don’t have any flaws other than being totally irrational. Do I get a sense of reality here? It can’t be. I must be misunderstanding the phrase.]

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Chapter One

Maura gets herself into a (quote) mustard-green buick. Which right away opens the question whether mustard is really green.

Judge for yourself. I’d say it’s yellow.

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd) – Prologue

Although the words and numbers were beginning to swim in front of Maura’s eyes [doplhin style?], her building anger kept her plugging on. That much seafood and produce had never arrived in her kitchen!

Huh? These are actually the first two sentences of the novel and they don’t really make sense, do they? But when we read on, we find out that Maura obviously just discovered some embezzlement in her kitchen.
She digs through the drawers of the office some more to see if there’s been anything else going on and finds some photos and some negatives. About to put them back because she doesn’t want to see any porn, she realises that it’s her fiancé Jon Casen having sex with four different women.

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In the Running (Dee Lloyd)

Dee Lloyd is an author of (quote) romantic suspense novels. In the Running is her first novel.

The book, if you really want to buy it, is available here.

The Description

When your world disintegrates, not even waking in the arms of an attractive man helps. Yesterday, Reenie discovered her fiancée [sic] was unfaithful, saw him commit a murder and ran for her life; today, she wrecked her car. This is no time to fall in love. Or is it?

(Taken from here)

Just a Small Sidenote

Notice the climax here: betrayed, her fiancé kills someone, she runs for her life and her car breaks down. Oh my GOD! THE CAR!
Also, fiancée is the female version. And her fiancé is a guy.

Anyway, why call the book In the Running? Why not On the Run? Does everything happens while she’s running? Maybe she’s participating in a marathon.