Womb For Rent (Amanda Brian)

The Book, if you really want to buy it, is available here.

The Description by Amazon:

Derek Cameron wants a baby. Humiliated by revealing his bride-to-be’s infidelity on his wedding day five years ago, Derek will never let anyone get that close to him again. Now a successful businessman and philanthropist, Derek wants an heir. But there is no room in his life for a wife so he advertises for a surrogate mother. Talli Paxton wants her own business. Dogs are her passion and even though she’s landed the position of caretaker of Derek Cameron’s dogs, her real dream is opening her own facility for training, grooming and boarding dogs. The money Derek is offering is her chance to secure her own foothold in the business world. She secretly applies for and gets the coveted position of “Womb for Rent.” Can two very opinionated people have a child together with no strings attached? Watch the fireworks fly as wealthy business tycoon Derek Cameron and his own resident pet sitter, vibrant and determined Talli Paxton lock horns.

Just a small sidenote

If you want write a book mostly aimed at women, which romance novels ursually are, don’t give it a title that suggests you can rent or buy any female body part. Unless the book is about hookers or a thriller about a female body parts smuggling ring of pirates. Then it’s ok.


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